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As God's children, we love to study His Word...

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In Biblical Elective classes, we dig into certain books of the Bible, learning how to make the most of our Bible reading. We not only explore the content and context of various books, but also learn basic guidelines for understanding their original meaning and modern day application. Previous electives have included studies in the books of Genesis, Colossians, Job, 1 Peter, Revelation, Ruth, and Hebrews.

Our next Biblical Elective Class will focus on the book of Genesis (Chapters 1-11).

Dates, Darwin, and Dinosaurs
How old is the earth? Did Adam and Eve really exist? Should Christians embrace evolution? What happened to the dinosaurs? Where is Noah's ark? Join us as we discuss these and other important questions as part of a five-week study on the “Book of Origins”, Genesis, chapters 1-11.

• Wednesdays, January 18 - February 15
• 6:30 - 8:00 pm
• Sanctuary
• Childcare provided for ages 0-grade 5

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