Women's Retreat 2017


Radically Redemptive Relationships:

Finding True Intimacy in a False World

Within every woman is the desire for extraordinary relationships. We crave intimacy and interconnectedness, companionship and camaraderie. Yet most of us eventually begin to wonder if we want too much. As heartbreak and disappointment take their toll, we become convinced that our desire for deep connection is our downfall. Not understanding that a woman's longings are her strength, we bury or ignore this God-given compass and lose our way. Yet the desire to connect persists. We make cookies for a new family in the neighborhood, send a note of encouragement to someone at church, plan date nights with our spouse, and call a friend after a bad day at work to tell her every detail because we know she cares.

And still we long for more.

What is behind this yearning? Is it healthy? Is it normal? Does it have a purpose? Join retreat speaker, Sharon Hersh as she unpacks this and more.

•  Sanctuary
•  Friday, February 10, 6:30-9:00 pm (Dinner provided)
•  Saturday, February 11, 8:30 am - noon (Breakfast provided)
•  $30
•  No Childcare Provided

Retreat Speaker, Sharon Hersh
Sharon A. Hersh, M.A., LPC is a licensed professional counselor, speaker, and author. She has written the best-selling books Bravehearts: Unlocking the Courage to Love With Abandon, as well as its follow-up Begin Again, Believe Again: Embracing The Courage to Love With Abandon.

Sharon is an Adjunct Professor in several graduate programs, including Reformed Theological Seminary, where she teaches Addiction and Sexuality counseling classes. She is the author of
the acclaimed The Last Addiction: Why Self-Help is Not Enough, and has written five parenting books, including the award-winning Mothering Without Guilt. She is a popular speaker at conferences and retreats.

Sharon lives in Lone Tree, Colorado. She has two adult children and is trying too not act old.

Here's a brief clip of Sharon discussing the role of intimacy in Radically Redemptive Relationships.

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