All Things New
The vision for Seven Rivers’ future has been steeped in prayer for God’s direction. God’s word and God’s spirit have led us to All Things New. Now we are asking God to make it all come to pass for His glory. “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)
Yes, All Things New is a capital campaign but it is a different approach. Commitments to the First Love campaign were solely for capital improvements. Giving to the ongoing ministry of Seven Rivers was separate. In the All Things New campaign, we have combined the ministry fund and the capital fund into one fund. In other words, All Things New will fund everything in our ministry over the next two years.

At Seven Rivers, we have ONE MISSION — to bring the healing balm of the gospel to broken people and broken places. That’s why we are excited to introduce the ONE FUND approach, a single fund that unifies the generosity of everyone at Seven Rivers toward the totality of our mission. All Things New will support all our ministry efforts to our families, community, and world.
SRPC, in its 35-year history, has never asked its congregation to commit financial support for our ministry vision. We have asked for financial pledges to acquire land, build, and maintain buildings. Rapid facility expansion is not our greatest need. We need resources to advance our ministry and the One Fund asks our congregation, for the first time, to sacrificially and joyously fund the mission.
In the Bible, there are accounts of God visiting His people and bringing powerful corporate renewal. Very often, this involved people turning from their idols and giving God first place in their life. Corporate renewal comes when North Americans are taken with the beauty of Jesus and devote their resources to His work and His glory rather than their own comfort. Thus, our longing for All Things New is nothing less than revival and renewal at SRPC!
Of course! All of us are making the best commitment decision we can make based on what we know. Unforeseen circumstances may cause you to want to increase or decrease your giving commitment in the future. At any time during the 24 months, you can review or change your All Things New commitment online, or you can ask for another commitment card and turn it in as your revised commitment!
Even in times of scarcity, God wants our hearts. It is easier to give when there is abundance, but lean times prompt us to trust God at a greater level. The widow who gave her last mite did not make a very big financial contribution, but Jesus said she gave the largest gift of all. All Things New is about all of us coming together, giving generously, and trusting God to do the rest. It may mean that God is asking you to trust Him by making a faith commitment that you do not know how to fulfill right now. God has supplied our every need in Christ, and we trust that He will honor a heart that wants to give generously in response to the gospel. All Things New means all of us, together — for God’s glory, for our neighbors, and for our world.

There may also be ways to be sacrificial with your lifestyle to create margin for generosity in your life. Some will cancel cable, and some will ditch the smartphone plan and return to a basic mobile phone. Others will play a little less golf and still others will forego a few caramel macchiatos every week. Some families will buy a smaller home or rent a smaller apartment to be able to give generously for the progress of the gospel. Find ways to involve the entire family in the process of giving generously. Use this as an opportunity to teach children and grandchildren to obey the Lord with a generous heart and to trust Him. This is a great opportunity to take a look at our overall stewardship of all that God has entrusted to us.