Campers should bring lunch in an insulated lunch box with an ice-pack AND a water bottle. Please do not send anything for lunch that requires heating. You will also need to send a snack for your child each day. Our camp canteen will offer special snacks available for purchase, but lunches are not available. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, campers will need to bring a modest swimsuit (one-piece for girls), towel, and flip flops for swimming at Whispering Pines Pool in Inverness.
Campers should wear cool clothing that can get dirty. Socks and tennis shoes ARE required. NO sandals or flip-flops. Campers can wear their camp t-shirt any day of the week, but should wear it on Wednesday for a group photo.
Your child’s registration for camp represents your agreement to comply with the Camp Seven Rivers Discipline Policy. Parents will be contacted if there is a continuous problem of non-participation in the program, bullying, stealing, using inappropriate language or any other behavior that detracts from the experience of other children. Profanity and belittling are prohibited. Camp Seven Rivers has a zero-tolerance policy for physical fighting. Campers involved in fighting will be sent home from camp for a first-time offense and no refunds will be given. The use of alcohol or tobacco in any form is not permitted by campers or staff.
Because staff must be paid additional salaries to stay with campers who are not picked up on time, we will determine your late fee at the end of the week.
No, you are welcome to attend as many or as few weeks of camp as you choose.
Our camp program focuses on creating a positive Christian environment in order to help build strong character in the lives of young people. It is a place to have fun, make friends and learn more about God. We will openly promote who God is and share Biblical truths from God’s Word each day at camp through worship, music, prayer and devotions. Every camp counselor is a follower of Jesus and will model this to our campers.