Support Group

Who is the group for?
The Caregivers Support Group is offered for families, spouses, and other caregivers of adults and children with disabilities or disorders such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, brain injury, and other chronic debilitating health conditions.

Who leads the meeting?
A facilitator, usually someone who is a caregiver.

How often does the group meet?
We meet monthly on the third Monday of the month in the Florida Room in the sanctuary building of Seven Rivers Church.

What if I miss a meeting?
No problem, you don’t have to go regularly. Just attend when you can or when you need extra support.

Do I have to talk?
No, it’s completely optional to share. If you’d prefer not to speak, that’s absolutely OK—just let the facilitator know.

How long do meetings last?
Meetings usually last about 90 minutes, but don’t let that keep you from attending. Talk to the facilitator if you need to arrive late or leave early.

What happens during a meeting?
The facilitator reminds the group why they are meeting:

The Caregivers Support Group fosters a setting for sharing information, insight, advice and encouragement. The group provides an opportunity to learn from others who face the same challenges, and allows you to talk about your experiences.

Then usually the facilitator asks each person to introduce themselves and talk about their caregiving situation. After that, anyone can ask questions, ask for advice about specific situations, or bring up topics for discussion.

Meeting Schedule

3rd Monday of the Month
6:30-8:00 pm
Florida Room (Sanctuary Building)

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