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  • A growing relationship with Jesus.
  • A heart for students. A vision and mission to see students know Jesus.
  • 50 hours a week (some weeks less/some weeks more)
  • Desire to attend student events like sports, theater and graduation.
  • Seeks feedback and pushback – desires to learn.
  • A team-player: wants the team to succeed. Sets the team up to succeed.
  • A problem solver, willing to try new things and get creative.


  • Contact work with students after school.
  • Counsels students by diving into their stories and holding space in their hurt.
  • Organizes seasonal Bible classes for students before church.
  • Works with local community to send students out into local missions and service projects.
  • Organize small groups for students where they are led by a member of the church.
  • Equips members of the church to do the ministry.
  • Shepherd team members, volunteers and student leaders.
  • Lead meetings that encourage and challenges team members.
  • Lead youth group, retreats, camps and mission trips.


  • Communicates weekly with parents via phone calls, emails and letters.
  • Shepherds’ parents by providing resources, parent meetings and parent retreats (conferences).
  • Equips parents to disciple their children.
  • Give parents a goal for their children then supports them and offer structure.
  • Encourages parents to be involved in the church and Student Ministry.


  • Recruit volunteers and use them based on their gifting.
  • Organize and lead volunteer meetings.
  • Delegate responsibilities to volunteers and actively support them.
  • Encourage and challenge volunteers to grow in their faith and to share their faith. Offer volunteers challenge, support and structure.
  • Organize fellowship for volunteers and their families.
  • Shepherd volunteers by providing resources, leadership retreats and counsel.
  • Express frequent gratitude for volunteers through gifts, serving their family, loving their kids, writing heartfelt letters, praying for them, asking about their needs and meeting with them.

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Contact Mikey Puckett with questions.