Why should your student be involved in a SRSM Discipleship Group?

SRSM Discipleship Groups are safe places for students to be loved through the Gospel. It is a place where students can share their hearts, struggles and stories. It is place where God’s Word will be spoken into these places. It is a place where God’s Word will be put into action. The goal of this group is to bring students into a family where they can see how God loves them no matter what. We want your student to be part of our family!

What happens in a Discipleship Group?

Students will be given space at the beginning of the group to catch everyone up on their life. They will answer questions like, “What was your high point of the week and what was your low point of the week?” Then there will be time where students will read the Bible out loud together and a time for students to ask questions about the Bible passage. Then students will be asked a series of reflection questions that relate the passage to their lives. At the end of Discipleship Group students will share about their needs and struggles and pray for one another.

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