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It's no secret that our culture is not flourishing.

rcortese_1-1Daily we are beset with the news of another mass shooting, the rancor of political division, and studies that detail the devastating impact that social media and cell phones are having on families and teens. It seems as though the ground is giving way beneath us. When we were young we learned this children’s rhyme, “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty together again.” Who is going to mend what is broken in our families and community? Do you think the healing will come from the next election, Wall Street or our universities?

The healing will come from the church of Jesus Christ. In 2,000 years, the church has served as the spiritual and cultural anchor in the tempest of societal upheaval.

In Citrus County, Seven Rivers has been allowed to play this role. When tragedy struck (Phil Royal’s death), the community gathered here, when storms brought destruction, help went out from here, when lives are broken, healing emanates from here (Teen Mops, Grief Share, Divorce Recovery, post-abortion care, Disaster Relief Teams, The Path).

Seven Rivers isn’t great but our God is—we are an orchestra of broken instruments in which God can and does make a beautiful sound. Those who follow the music find their way to healing and wholeness in Jesus.

All Things New is a corporate initiative to provide the commitment and resources to keep our church and ministry vital for years to come.

Seven Rivers has had a sweet 35 years of health and growth, but our attention is directed towards the future. All Things New is a call to our church to resolve by God’s grace to fill our church with young families, new converts, young staff, and gospel energy which will propel Camp Seven Rivers, Seven Rivers Christian School, Seven Rivers Student Ministry, Seven Rivers Children’s Ministry, and MOPS toward years of fruitfulness.

The world is dark, but God has raised us up for such a time as this. I’m asking each one of us to dedicate ourselves afresh to the work of Seven Rivers Church as we attempt to bring the sweet music of God’s grace to a world that desperately needs to be made new.


Ray Cortese

3 Main Objectives


The Bible records numerous accounts of God giving his people renewed love for Him, renewed interest in His word, and renewed commitment to His mission. It’s wonderful when an individual experiences renewal, but it’s community-changing when a whole church experiences it simultaneously. This is our longing for All Things New.


In a big church, congregational participation can begin to lag as everyone thinks that someone else will do the work that needs to be done. All Things New is a clarion call for everyone at SRPC to renew their commitment to the mission of bringing the grace of God to broken people and broken places. Our longing is for 100% participation!


Add new staff, increase our outreach, reach young families and maintain all the ministries we currently have — SRCS, Camp Seven Rivers, Student Ministry, MOPS, Weekend Worship, Foreign Missions, etc.

  • Make our campus new (landscaping, signage, parking lot repaving, paint buildings).
  • Make our sanctuary, narthex and children’s area new.
  • Make SRCS offices, High School entrance and security enhancements new.

What's New?


Every church is in a battle to repopulate itself with young children and families or it will become obsolete. This is especially true in Citrus County. As a church, we must constantly be prioritizing the new, the young, the children. We must ever be growing young—young staff, young officers and young families.

  • Facilities and staff to attract and keep young people—Camp Seven Rivers, SRCS, playground.

At SRPC we love to watch the gospel transform people. Our priority has always been to grow by conversions, to reach people for Jesus who have never been in His family. This is what makes a church a vibrant mission.

  • Add Staff in Guest Services, Outreach and Marketing to catalyze a greater emphasis on reaching people whodon’t yet know Jesus, resulting in 20% growth.

When people move into a house that’s 15-20 years old, they often find they have to redo the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, etc. to bring it up-to-date. So, SRPC has a sanctuary and narthex with timeless “bones” but it needs to be made new for the next 20 years.

  • Redo the sanctuary sound and lighting system.
  • Redo the narthex, restrooms, expand the children’s lobby.
  • Redo landscaping, paint building, repave parking lot.
  • Renovate SRCS offices and bathrooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Generosity Journey


Where are you now on your generosity journey?
Where is God calling you to be?
What would be needed for you to take the next step towards a more generous lifestyle?

We must always remember there is much more to generosity than just a financial transaction. In God’s eyes our growth in generosity is less about a financial transaction and more about a transformation. It is truly a matter of the heart!

The Generosity Journey can help us think about this transformation. Make no mistake; to move along this path requires a heart change. Moving along the path does not make us super Christians; it brings us to a greater understanding of God, not a greater view of ourselves. As you look and think about this journey, ask yourself, “What drives you to be generous?”


2 Corinthians 8:7-15
Not yet giving.

You can take your first step and emerge into giving.


2 Corinthians 9:6-8
Occasionally giving.

You can take the next step to give intentionally and proportionally.


Luke 14:28-35
Giving regularly, but less than 10%.

You can step up to honor God with your first 10%.


2 Samuel 24:18-25
Giving 10% faithfully.

You can go the next step and give extravagantly for the Kingdom.


1 Timothy 6:6-19
Giving above the tithe.

You can ask God to guide you into a new place of joyous generosity.


Camp Seven Rivers


Six years ago, they signed their little girls up for Camp Seven Rivers, having no idea how God would change not only their girls but the whole family. The parents marveled at the joy, the energy, and the intentionality of the high school counselors. The dad later remarked, "I work with high school students and I have never seen students work with such maturity and poise." At the end of each day, their girls returned home more in love with Camp Seven Rivers. The parent's curiosity got the best of them, so they decided to visit SRPC as a family. Fast forward to the present: The girls are thriving as students of SRCS. They all work at camp each summer and the whole family has joined the church having been captured by the grace of God. The dad? Well, now he teaches at SRCS and this past summer took the job as our new Camp Director.

Families made new by God's grace.

Seven Rivers Christian School


Scripture speaks of those who sow and water: A high school teacher challenges a student's worldview, and days later, another teacher invites her to small group. The following week, the school chaplain brings the message of salvation and hope, of the Light that has come into the darkness. And on this day, yet another teacher weeps for joy as she commits her life to Christ. At SRCS, this is what it looks like to tend the land-to be a faculty whose greatest calling is to sow and water so that the field may be ripe for God's harvest.

Hearts and minds made new thru the sewing God's truths.



"I found and started attending a DC group within a couple of weeks of learning that my wife was seeking a divorce. I found a group that was full of love and concern. I was able to talk with others who have gone down this very path, and they helped me to see that there was hope and in time it will get better. If your friends or family haven't gone through divorce-despite their well intentions - they just can't comfort and support you like others who have gone through it. At the heart of DivorceCare is God's love for us, and the promise that He has a bright future in store."

"The friendship and camaraderie that the DivorceCare team imparts to the group, and to the experience, is one I am forever grateful for. Their gentle invitation provided me with the support I needed. It allowed me to hold steadfast to my faith. The program itself reminded me to continually anchor myself in Christ so as not to experience the spiritual drifting that often comes with the pain and anguish of this journey."

Making all things new in spite of the broken circumstances of life.



"Eight years ago, when I was pregnant with my first son, I was at a community event, called The World's Greatest Baby Shower, and I stopped by the Seven Rivers MOPS (MOTHERS OF PRESCHOOLERS) table. I had no idea what MOPS was and that it would be a place where my life would be changed. I was intrigued and looking for fellowship with other moms my age, I went and I haven't stopped coming. I was amazed that I was welcomed in so freely, even though I wasn't a believer. It was about four years into my attending MOPS and the church's events for kids that I met Jesus - He has changed my life and the lives of my two boys. For someone who never dreamed that I could be cherished and loved unconditionally, meeting Jesus and experiencing His forgiveness and acceptance has been life-changing! This year God has given me the humbling opportunity to be the coordinator of MOPS and I am so thankful to be a part of this ministry."

Making all things new for young moms through MOPS.

Student Ministry


Seven Rivers Student Ministry (SRSM) believes that all students are lovable and movable through the gospel. SRSM wants students to become active church members that have been supported and equipped to lead, to serve and to make disciples that make disciples. We want to convince students through the gospel that they are lovable and that because of this love they can love others. Our hope is that through the ministry of the gospel we will see the students of Citrus County transformed and empowered to make all things new.

This year, a single mother showed up at the student ministry building looking for someone to help her. She said, "My son is angry, he won't talk to me, I don't know what to do." Her son began meeting with the student ministry staff after school. He got plugged into Real Life and he made friends. He was invited to middle school camp and decided to go. Then, at camp, he came to know Jesus. God transformed his life. This is one of the many stories that the student ministry gets to see every year and there is always a common theme: God making all things new.

Hurting teens made new through the body of Christ at SRSM.


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