Global Outreach

Relentless Mission to Reach the Nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Global Outreach Values

Church Planting

We believe that the local church is God's primary vehicle for the expansion of His kingdom. Therefore we will invest the largest portion of our mission resources in church planting strategies in various cultural contexts both in the United States and abroad.

Equipping Nationals

We believe that the proper role of the cross-cultural missionary is an equipper of national church planters and a facilitator of church planting movements. Therefore we will strongly support missionaries with a vision for planting indigenous churches with native leadership.

Short-Term Missions

We believe that short-term missions are the most effective method of involving our members in world evangelization. Short-term missions provide believers with the opportunity to experience the work of God in the world and provide an excellent tool for the mobilization of longer-term missionaries.

How Can I Serve?


You Can Pray

Prayerfully consider your involvement. It may or may not be God’s plan for you to pack your bags for Timbuktu, but He does desire that you have His heart for nations, that men and women from every people would worship Him.


You Can Send

Bon voyage! Short-term missionaries are not just those who pack their bags and get on a plane. It is God who will accomplish His purpose through the work of our hands, and the battle is spiritual not physical. Therefore, the prayer and financial support given by those who are not physically present on the field is vital.


You Can Go

Pack your bags and fasten your seatbelts for the journey of a lifetime! You’ll receive extensive training from staff/team leaders and be equipped to be used by God to work in the hearts of people. You will be stretched and challenged and will come home with a new perspective on God’s global plan and a changed life.

Reaching People Around The World


International Missions

Seven Rivers is deeply engaged in almost every corner of the world – bringing hope and healing so that His grace can become real to His people. We currently support missionaries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and other places that we cannot mention because the safety of our people could be at risk.


US Missions

Our US missions focus mainly on church planting and where possible, we strive to collaborate with our denominational mission agency, Missions to North America. We regularly support traditionally under-resourced communities with manpower, leadership, and resources. We support college ministry through our denomination’s Reformed University Fellowship (RUF).


Short-Term Missions

We believe one of the best ways to grow in the gospel of grace, is to experience it. Sometimes it is hard for us to experience grace deeply as we go about our daily routines in comfortable, suburban America. There is something good for the soul when God's family gets out of their comfort zone and serves God's Kingdom with others that changes lives. Short-term missions provide an excellent tool for the mobilization of longer-term missionaries.

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