Student Ministry

Middle and High School Youth Ministry in Citrus County

What do we believe?



Seven Rivers Student Ministry (SRSM) believes that all students are lovable through the gospel, no matter what their life story tells them.

SRSM accomplishes this mission by creating spaces for students to come as they are: Student Life, Mission Trips, Retreats, Summer Camps and Discipleship Groups. Students are given the freedom to struggle, hurt and ask questions about Christianity.

Students are given the freedom to feel sad or to feel joy. However, at all times they will be reminded of the constant love of Jesus as mentors, volunteers, leaders and staff listen to them, love them and give them the Gospel.

SRSM wants to fervently find and fearlessly engage the pain in the student’s life. Through that pain we hope to show them the love of Jesus by walking them to the foot of the cross.


SRSM wants to lead students in Citrus County to a convincing realization that they are overwhelmingly lovable because of the Gospel.

SRSM wants these students who participate from 6th grade to 12th grade to become active church members that have been supported and equipped to lead, to serve and to make disciples that make disciples.

This is accomplished by outreach, the Gospel encounter and discipleship.

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When Do We Meet?


Student Life

During the school year, Student Life meets Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30 pm for Middle School students and 7:45-9:00 pm for High School students. More about Student Life.

Where Do We Meet?


Student Life

Seven Rivers Student Ministry meets in the Student Ministry Building on the campus of Seven Rivers Church and School.

Parking and entrance is at the back of the building.


Front of Student Ministry Bldg.                


Back (Entrance) of Student Ministry Bldg.


How Can You Help?


We Need You

We are looking for parents and local high school graduates to help out with the students of SRSM. We know life is busy and there is always a lot to do, but we would love for you to consider giving some of your time to the SRSM students.

We need a "go to" list of people that can volunteer for various jobs and events throughout the year. This doesn't have to mean a full time commitment! Just let us know what and how often you can help, and we will find a spot that works best for you.

We need volunteers to pray, cook, lead discipleship groups (small groups), help at Student Life, chaperone trips, and so much more.

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Michael Puckett
SRSM Director

Beach, Samantha

Samantha Beach
High School Leader

Fissore, Maddie

Maddie Fissore
Middle School Student Ministry Resident

Rollman, AJ

AJ Rollman
High School Resident


Student Life
Weekly Meeting


Leadership Team
Student Leaders


Middle School Students


Become a SRSM Volunteer


MS Guys Nerf War
September 30, 2023


HS Fall Retreat
October 13-15, 2023

Middle School Fall Class

MS Fall Class
Begins October 22, 2023


HS Guys Paintball
November 4, 2023