How Can A Christian Vote For...?

Brandon Lauranzon
Oct 29, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Dr. Zack Eswine is pastor of Riverside Church in Saint Louis, MO, and Director of Homiletics (preaching) at Covenant Theological Seminary. He was our Summer Conference speaker in 2017, and my family has been personally blessed by his love for, and service to, Jesus. He has recently been preaching through a sermon series titled, "Following Jesus In This Political Moment." I encourage you to listen to all of the messages, but last Sunday's was particularly powerful. You can watch it below. I have included some quotes that stood out to me the most.

We are not in a season of a politics of vision, we are in a season of a politics of fear.

The gospel is the opposite of cancel culture.

I keep three out of the seven, and gradually I forget that there were seven, and I only think that there are three, and now I begin to think I am righteous.

The Republican Party and the Democrat's like they are offering us short sleeve shirts for the snow.

The Bible does not allow us to divide into two versions of holiness and morality. The Bible requires that the full measure of the holiness of God is kept intact.

Jesus is more wild than you can imagine, and more invigorating and ravishing than I can describe.

Religious liberty is not necessary for the flourishing of Christian people...but it sure is a kind gift to have the freedom to have the faith we have.

When you stand before the judgment of the infinite holiness of God, you will not be asked, "How did you vote?" You will be asked, "How did you live?"

We are praying for the sins of the Republican Party and the sins of the Democrat Party, and we are asking God to have mercy on us all, and to recover us to Holy ground.


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