at Seven Rivers

Classes at Seven Rivers

Wednesday night classes provide an opportunity to study the Scriptures, to meet new people, and to grow in grace. Contact Brandon Lauranzon with questions about any of these classes.

Pastor's Class

Are you new to Seven Rivers, interested in church membership, or just wondering what “being a Christian” is all about? If so, join us for five weeks of the Pastor's Class! You'll learn about Seven Rivers' core values, take a look back at her history, learn what it means to put your faith in Christ, and find out what church membership involves. Along the way, you'll meet new friends, connect with church staff, and even become a church member if that's your desire. This class is taught three times a year: September, January and April. Details

The Gospel-Centered Life

The Gospel-Centered Life is intended to help Christians understand how the gospel shapes every aspect of life. The Bible says that the gospel is “continually bearing fruit and increasing” in and among us, even after we first believe it. How does that happen? Why is a continual rediscovery and application of the gospel so important? How is our personal growth, parenting, marriage, work relationship, and serving others hindered if we don't grasp the gospel deeply? Discover this and more in The Gospel Centered Life (five weeks) taught by Adam Jones. This class is typically offered in September or October.

Reformed Theology

If you've ever wondered what the essential truths of Christianity are, this class is for you. In this nine-week course, you'll study the biblical truths held by our church and denomination (PCA). This class, taught by Adam Jones, is required for anyone in a leadership position at Seven Rivers, but all are welcome. Please purchase the following required textbooks before the first class: Essential Truths of the Christian Faith and The Westminster Confession of Faith; both are available in our bookstore. This class is typically offered in late February/early March each year. Details

Biblical Electives

Learn to study a book of the Bible. In these Bible Elective classes, we will dig into certain books of the Bible learning how to make the most of our Bible reading. We'll not only explore the content and context of various books, but also learn basic guidelines for understanding their original meaning and modern day application. Previous electives have included studies in the book of Genesis, Job, Colossians, Romans, and Revelation. This class is taught by someone from our pastoral staff. Biblical Electives are 4-6 weeks in length and are typically offered 2-3 times per year. Details

Topical Studies

Every year or two we seek to offer a special class to address the topic of marriage, parenting, or finances. examples have included Family Life’s "The Art of Marriage," and Dave Ramsey’s "Financial Peace University," and Paul Tripp on parenting.