Congregational Care

Caring for Members and Regular Guests of Seven Rivers

The primary vehicle for administering congregational care to Seven Rivers Church is the Congregational Care Team. The Congregational Care Network utilizes the members of Seven Rivers in ministering to the needs of their brothers and sisters who are members and regular guests.

Opportunities for Members to Get Involved

  • Providing Meals On Occasion
    Making a meal for a family at special times of need such as when someone goes in the hospital, death in the family, etc.
  • Hospital & Shut-in Visitation
    Visiting someone who is in the hospital or that is unable to leave their home.
  • Respite Care
    Providing a caregiver with some personal time by staying with the person needing care for a brief period of time.
  • Transportation to Doctor's Visits
    Driving someone to the doctor who may not be able to transport themselves.
  • Financial Assessment
    Sitting down and assessing the financial needs of someone that has requested this help, assisting them in developing a budget, etc.
  • Ministry to Those Convalescing
    Visiting those who are convalescing after illness or surgery.
  • Visiting Those with Cancer or Who Need Chronic Care
  • Ministering to Pregnant Women
    Checking on the needs of pregnant mothers and encouraging them.
Contact Tricia Marble or fill out the form on this page for information or to get involved with the Congregational Care Team.

Join The Congregational Care Network

Through email, members of the Congregational Care Network (CCN) are given the opportunity to pray for the needs of members and regulars guests of Seven Rivers.

If you would like to be a part of the CCN, fill out the form below.