Disaster Community Response

When Disaster Strikes, This Team is Ready to Act and Serve

Ready at a Moments Notice! The Seven Rivers Disaster Community Response Ministry (DCR) is a group of faithful, dedicated individuals with varied skills and experience.

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This group’s focus is that of helping others in need of assistance with the stability of their homes. Often the instability is due to an unexpected event, i.e., hurricane, tornado, wind, etc., or to a situation which requires goods and services which are not financially readily available to them.
Those who have been assisted by the DCR includes many in other states as well as in our local community. DCR receives referrals from varied avenues and after assessment of need and ability to fulfill the needed efforts, a plan for restoration is implemented.
The DCR restoration plan is determined by the availability of team members. Individuals who are interested in participating on this SRPC Mission are always welcome and encouraged to join with this group, there is no limit on number of team members. The DCR Ministry is one which relies on the basics of the SRPC mission of Renewing Grace, Relentless Mission, and Redemptive Community.
The Seven Rivers Disaster Community Response (DCR) Ministry, was created in 2004 to aid our fellow Floridians in response to the massive property destruction experienced from Hurricane Charlie. Shortly thereafter, in 2005, the team expanded their mission to include needs of members of our local community.
From its inception in 2004, through 2016 the ministry has been blessed to have provided over 45,000 hours of assistance to those in need; often the individual is only in need of the skilled assistance; which this team overwhelmingly has provided. Team members possess varied levels of skills and experience, but no skills are necessary. All are welcome to join with this team; one only has to have a desire to assist someone in need.
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Through email, members of the Disaster Community Response Ministry (DCR) are given the opportunity to serve when disaster strikes.

If you would like to be a part of the DCR, or would like to report a need, fill out the form below.