Men's Book Groups

Short-Term | Low-Commitment

It’s not easy for men to get together.

Work and family and weekend duties fill our calendar, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need it! Christian men need to get together to talk life and grow spiritually together. This is behind the idea of men’s book groups.

This is a short-term and low-commitment way to step into something that us men desperately need…time with other Christian men. If you are interested, let us know below and we’ll get back to you soon. 


  • How many in a group? — 4-8 men
  • How long do they last?  — Meets 3 times for 6 weeks (every other week)
  • What will we do?  — Read and discuss a book the church has picked out
  • When will they meet?  — This is decided by the group facilitator based on what works best for the men in the group
  • Where will they meet?  — Wherever works best for the men in the group
  • When do they start?  — Fall 2023 (mid-September through end of October)