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SRS Leadership Team

Leadership Team is an incredible opportunity for high school students who are looking to be challenged, poured into, and grow, not to mention it counts as community service hours as well!

We as the student ministry staff are committed to pouring into the Leadership Team through discipleship, leadership trainings, and life-on-life interactions. We love our leaders and take your discipleship seriously. As a member of Leadership Team you will have the opportunity to grow as you learn to lead your peers through Real Life, outreach events, and casting vision for all of SRS. This is an incredible chance for you to grow in your faith, explore your passions, and harness your leadership skills.

All of that is what it looks like to be a part of the Leadership Team, but the Leadership Team is much more than just a planning team; there is a direct purpose. The ultimate goal of Leadership Team is to place students in a position to show other students that they are lovable through the Gospel. If you believe that all students are lovable through the Gospel and want to help bring this resolve, then please fill out the application below. It must be completed by August 7, 2023.

Leaders and potential leaders should plan to attend Leadership Training Day on August 12, 2023.

Contact Mikey Puckett with questions.

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