(Previously called Jr. Pastor's Class)

I Am Chosen

Class 1 of the SRSM Class Series


Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

What is I Am Chosen Class?

I Am Chosen is for students in grades 5-12 who want to become communing members of Seven Rivers Church.
Student Commitment

Students must commit to go to every class. If a student can't make it to a class, Student Ministry needs to be notified by emailing srsm@sevenrivers.org. Students that miss class will be expected to catch up by doing the class work as homework. Also students are expected to complete homework every week and turn it in at the following class.

Parent Commitment

This class is purposefully set-up for you (the parent) to be leading your student through the curriculum. We believe that parents are the ones who are most effective at discipling their students and this class is designed for parents to engage their students as they do their homework. We hope that through this class you will be enabled to become your student's primary discipler.

Please fill out the Parent Commitment form.

SRSM Commitment

These students that are taking this class are "our" students. We commit to love them, to love you and to support your family. We want to come alongside you as you disciple your students. We want to see them grow into adults that believe they are lovable through the Gospel. Out of this love they experience through the Gospel they become humans who love God, love others and love the Church. Think of SRSM as your support team—we have your back!