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Dear Seven Rivers Family,

Organizations and leaders are always looking for a great opportunity. As difficult as 2020 was, for many it offered a great opportunity. Southwest Airlines dramatically expanded into airports previously closed to them, Instacart and other food delivery services boomed, boat builders and real estate brokers saw sales skyrocket. So, what is the great opportunity God is creating for Seven Rivers Church and how will we take advantage of it?


Social unrest, political polarization, the family breakdown and the lack of confidence in once trusted sources of truth (media and academia) has our culture dangerously adrift. As so many are looking for truth, direction and stability, a great opportunity has been created for the church of Jesus to be a safe harbor in this cultural storm.

The Suncoast Parkway is coming and like it or not, it will lead to much greater investment in and significant transformation of our community. Nowhere will this change be more evident than in the center of the county. As houses, hotels, retail, restaurants, jobs and people come to our community, SRC is strategically located to influence the future flourishing of our county.

Covid has shuffled the deck in America. People are fleeing large cities due to crime, density and high taxation and are headed to smaller communities where they can afford a home, experience the outdoors and avoid burdensome traffic. Citrus County’s desirability has never been greater and new residents are pouring in. This great opportunity is in line with the very reason Seven Rivers Church was begun — to welcome the people whom God is sending and lead them into saving faith in Jesus!

The Great Opportunity is what we are calling our churchwide initiative to provide the resources needed to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime moment. The Covid pandemic has already led to the shuttering of many businesses and the closing of many churches. For SRC, this is the time to act—to give the self-obsessed Someone more beautiful than themselves to worship, to give the disconnected the welcome of a family, to give generous grace to the hopeless and to give the next generation hearts saturated with God’s truth and love.

Seven Rivers Church, this is our moment! God has raised up this unique church for such a time as this. I’m asking each of you to join me in fresh dedication to seizing the great opportunity that our Father has set before us.


Ray Cortese


To seize the great opportunity by being a church not defined by what we are against, but what we are for. So, what are we for?

Seven Rivers Church is FOR THE GLORY OF GOD. Everyone desires a purpose greater than their own happiness.

Seven Rivers Church is FOR EACH OTHER. Everyone is desperate for a family to which to belong.

Seven Rivers Church is FOR OUR COMMUNITY. Everyone longs for all things ugly to be made beautiful.

Seven Rivers Church is FOR PURSUING AND WELCOMING those far from God. Everyone craves the kiss of a Father who welcomes his wandering children home.

Seven Rivers Church is FOR THE GOSPEL. Everyone is exhausted by their failure and shame and needs a Savior.

Seven Rivers Church is FOR THE NEXT GENERATION. Every child needs their heart and mind captured by the beauty of God.


Fund the work of Seven Rivers Church for the next two years.

Welcome new residents, preach the gospel, diligently disciple Christ followers, give families Jesus (through our Christian School, High School/Middle School Student Ministry, Preschool, SRC Kids and Summer Camp.)

Refresh our buildings and campus.

Be wildly generous with our money and love to the broken and hurting in our community.

Engage 100% of our members in the joy of financially supporting the mission!



PRAY about how God would use you


COMMIT to your support of the mission


CELEBRATE God's provision for you and our church


GIVE generously


The Great Opportunity Devotional

The Great Opportunity Booklet

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We must always remember there is much more to generosity than just a financial transaction.

In God’s eyes our growth in generosity is less about a financial transaction and more about a transformation. It is truly a matter of the heart!

The Generosity Journey can help us think about this transformation. Make no mistake; to move along this path requires a heart change. Moving along the path does not make us super Christians; it brings us to a greater understanding of God, not a greater view of ourselves. As you look and think about this journey, ask yourself, “What drives you to be generous?”


2 Corinthians 8:7-15
Not yet giving.

You can take your first step and emerge into giving.


2 Corinthians 9:6-8
Occasionally giving.

You can take the next step to give intentionally and proportionally.


Luke 14:28-35
Giving regularly, but less than 10%.

You can step up to honor God with your first 10%.


2 Samuel 24:18-25
Giving 10% faithfully.

You can go the next step and give extravagantly for the Kingdom.


1 Timothy 6:6-19
Giving above the tithe.

You can ask God to guide you into a new place of joyous generosity.


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Celebrating The Great Opportunity

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