Our Goals

All Things New

3 Main Objectives


The Bible records numerous accounts of God giving his people renewed love for Him, renewed interest in His word, and renewed commitment to His mission. It’s wonderful when an individual experiences renewal, but it’s community-changing when a whole church experiences it simultaneously. This is our longing for All Things New.


In a big church, congregational participation can begin to lag as everyone thinks that someone else will do the work that needs to be done. All Things New is a clarion call for everyone at SRPC to renew their commitment to the mission of bringing the grace of God to broken people and broken places. Our longing is for 100% participation!




Add new staff, increase our outreach, reach young families and maintain all the ministries we currently have — SRCS, Camp Seven Rivers, Student Ministry, MOPS, Weekend Worship, Foreign Missions, etc.

  • Make our campus new (landscaping, signage, parking lot repaving, paint buildings).
  • Make our sanctuary, narthexand children’s area new.
  • Make SRCS offices, HighSchool entrance and security enhancements new.

What's New?


Every church is in a battle to repopulate itself with young children and families or it will become obsolete. This is especially true in Citrus County. As a church, we must constantly be prioritizing the new, the young, the children. We must ever be growing young—young staff, young officers and young families.

  • Facilities and staff to attract and keep young people—Camp Seven Rivers, SRCS, playground.


At SRPC we love to watch the gospel transform people. Our priority has always been to grow by conversions, to reach people for Jesus who have never been in His family. This is what makes a church a vibrant mission.

  • Add Staff in Guest Services, Outreach and Marketing to catalyze a greater emphasis on reaching people whodon’t yet know Jesus, resulting in 20% growth.


When people move into a house that’s 15-20 years old, they often find they have to redo the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, etc. to bring it up-to-date. So, SRPC has a sanctuary and narthex with timeless “bones” but it needs to be made new for the next 20 years.

  • Redo the sanctuary sound and lighting system.
  • Redo the narthex, restrooms, expand the children’s lobby.
  • Redo landscaping, paint building, repave parking lot.
  • Renovate SRCS offices and bathrooms.