Our Staff


Meet Our Staff...

Seven Rivers has about 30 full-time and part-time staff focusing on many areas of ministry such as worship, small groups, students, and children, just to name a few.

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Pastoral Staff

Ray Cortese   Adam Jones
Ray Cortese
  Adam Jones
  Pastor, Adult Ministry Director
Brandon Lauranzon   Chad Townsley
Brandon Lauranzon
Pastor, Small Groups Director,
Welcome Team Director
  Chad Townsley
  Assistant Pastor

Program Staff

Wendy Busk   Blair Commons
Wendy Busk
Weekend Team Director,
Assistant to Ray Cortese
  Blair Commons
  Operations Manager,
  Global Outreach Director
Adam Hill   Teri Hill
Adam Hill
Technical Director, Worship Associate
  Teri Hill
  Children's Ministry Director
  Kaylee Nelson
Bethany Johnson
Student Ministry Staff
  Kaylee Nelson
  Camp Seven Rivers Director
Chad Robison   Robyn Shipes
Chad Robison
Worship Director
  Robyn Shipes
  Ministry Assistant, Congregational Care

Support Staff

Megan Andes   Sheri Commons
Megan Andes
Camp Seven Rivers Director Assistant
  Sheri Commons
  Office Assistant
Jackie Iwaniec   Heather Johnson
Jackie Iwaniec
  Heather Johnson
Anne Jones   Robyn Lauranzon
Anne Jones
Office Assistant
  Robyn Lauranzon
  Bookstore Manager
Chelsea Mansfiled   Tricia Marble 
Chelsea Mansfield
Assistant to Chad Robison 
  Tricia Marble
  Assistant to Chad Townsley and Robyn Shipes
Sheri O'Neal   Caryn Poloske
Sheri O'Neal
  Caryn Poloske
  Assistant to Adam Jones and Brandon Lauranzon
Frances Spalti   Annaliese Townsley
Frances Spalti
  Annaliese Townsley
  Student Ministry Administrator
Sue Winship  
Sue Winship
Coffee Bar Manager

Maintenance Staff

Mark Blowers   Brian Czajkowski 
Mark Blowers
  Brian Czajkowski
Brian Daniels   Rebecca Hickey
Brian Daniels
  Rebecca Hickey
Cody Pearson   Steve Stack
Cody Pearson
  Steve Stack
  Facilities Manager