Relatives As Parents

Support Group

One out of every 12 children lives in household headed by a relative other than a parent. As a result, grandparents or relatives are raising approximately six million children nationwide. Grandparent-headed households are the fastest growing type of family in the United States. We know it’s hard and we’d like to help.



Relatives As Parents (RAP) is offered to grandparents and other relatives who have taken on the role of primary caregiver for related children.


The Relatives As Parents Support Group is a free, informative support group meeting where you can gather with fellow grandparents and relative care providers who share similar experiences. Various topics will be discussed that can help you help you and the child you care for, including how to cope with difficult birth parents, school issues and social-life challenges, problem behaviors that stem from a difficult past, and your own self-care.


Raising grandchildren and related children can be a tremendous challenge. Caregivers need to develop a support system to help them with the many tasks at hand. The Relatives As Parents Support Group can play a key role in helping you provide a safe harbor for the children you care for, so they feel loved and secure.


Join The Relative As Parents Support Group

This group meets the 2nd Thursday of each month during the school year.

Our next meeting is August 8, 2024 at 6:30 pm in the Staff Office Bldg. 2nd floor Conference Room. Childcare is provided. 

Contact Shirl Elder or Robyn Shipes with questions.