Stepping Away From Un-Christian Politics

Brandon Lauranzon
Aug 26, 2020 9:20:55 AM

We all know what is going to dominate the news and social media for the next two months. For some this energizes them, while others would prefer to bury their heads in the sand. How will we, as followers of Jesus, be salt and light leading up to and following November 3?

Scott Sauls was our summer conference speaker a few years back, and a good friend to several on our staff. He writes,

The Bible says Christians should honor, respect, pray for and obey authorities in positions of government. This can be challenging for us, especially during a heated political season like the one that is ramping up right now. And yet, because politics are so heated, the season we are in presents Christians with a unique opportunity to live counter-culturally to the typical partisan spin and vitriol…

…In today’s political climate, it is hard to find Christians who embrace this line of thinking. Instead, many have been drawn into partisan spin and rhetoric. In so doing, these well-intended but misguided Christians have become more like the world than like Jesus.

Here are a few thoughts about how we can retreat from the spin and rhetoric, and instead return to more of a New Testament approach…

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